About us

    The civil law company “Neagu - Tunea” of the Timis Bar, member of the National Association of the Romanian Bars developed under the sign of professionalism and dedication to our clients. Our company offers guaranteed confidentiality, competence of lawyers and promptness in providing services.

    The company offers assistance and legal services, integrated in multidisciplinary services through permanent cooperation with notaries, experts, auditors, liquidators, legal advisers, industrial property attorneys, executors, and other specialists in areas of interest to enforce law.

    The clients of our company know that they shall receive all our attention related to the problems they present. We believe it is essential to treat each client with utmost seriousness, promptness and dedication providing all our team’s resources to effectively solve the problems presented.

    We believe that within our Company, individual abilities and knowledge are enhanced when engaged in a collective effort. This belief has led us to form a united team that is dedicated to each case we are implied in.

    Contact with our clients is direct and immediate, based on mutual trust and confidentiality. Acceptance of a case is made only after prior legal advice and analysis of the documents provided by the applicant.

    Professionalism in dealing with any request for legal services, the moral profile built on respect for law and truth, legal thinking based on a strong professional culture and strict adherence to confidentiality are values learned and applied by all the lawyers of the company.

    Loyalty, Motivation, Success – is not simply a motto; it represents the translation in words of a professional belief followed by all our lawyers in the activities undertaken.