The professional civil law company “Neagu Tunea” provides assistance and representation of clients before courts and jurisdictional bodies, and before the Courts of Commercial Arbitration.

    Pre-judicial activity for the prevention and avoidance of disputes is typical of our company. We provide mediation services and negotiate for amicable settlement of disputes. We consider that a transaction is preferable to a litigation, which costs and duration are not in control of any of the parties in conflict.

    The final result expected by the clients, the need to avoid and minimize costs and duration of procedures, as well as the short and long-term effects of the steps taken for and behalf of our clients are the basic criteria for establishing defence strategies, and strategies for the enhancement of legitimate rights and interests of our clients.

    We provide maximum protection of legitimate rights and interests of the client by setting together the defence strategy in his/her case.

    The quality of our services is given by the seriousness with which we deal with problems, by the perseverance in seeking innovative solutions and especially by the methodology used for solving the cases of our clients.


    The lawyer’s fees shall be established by negotiation for each case, based on the following elements:

• time spent for solving the case
• nature and difficulty of the cause
• importance of the interest in question
• advantages and results obtained for the benefit of the client

    The fee shall be charged based on the legal assistance agreement signed by the Company and the client, and it shall be paid on the spot to the lawyer, who will issue a receipt or by bank transfer in advance of the legal services.

    The costs for the services provided by the lawyer (legal fees, stamp fees, expert fees, executor or notary fees, travel expenses, accommodation and meal in case of travel outside the city, and other similar expenses) shall be borne by the client, separately from the lawyer’s fees. For the above mentioned costs, supporting documents shall be presented.

    Depending on his/her needs and possibilities, the client can decide for the following types of fees:

• Fee per hours
• Flat fee
• Flat fee of result
• Percentage fee of result
• Subscription